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Lead Finder is an extension for Zoho CRM which helps the user to search leads or businesses based on keywords, location and the specified radius. Lead Finder uses Google APIs i.e. Places API and Maps JavaScript API. Besides APIs the Lead Finder scraps the emails from business’s websites. The searched Leads can be then Imported to any Zoho CRM Module, Downloaded or Viewed on Map.


Precise Location Targeting

Lead Finder empowers users to conduct targeted lead searches based on specific keywords, locations, and defined radii. Whether you're searching for potential clients in a particular city or looking to expand your reach within a specified radius, this feature allows you to fine-tune your search criteria, ensuring that you connect with leads precisely where your target market resides.

Harnessing the Power of Google APIs

Lead Finder leverages Google's Places API and Maps JavaScript API to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of lead discovery. By seamlessly integrating these APIs, users can access up-to-date information about businesses, locations, and relevant details. This integration ensures that your lead search is not only comprehensive but also based on the most current and reliable data available.

Automated Email Extraction

In addition to location-based search, Lead Finder goes a step further by scraping emails directly from the websites of the identified businesses. This automated email extraction feature saves time and effort, providing users with a convenient way to gather contact information seamlessly. Now, you can effortlessly build your contact list without manual data entry, streamlining your lead generation process.

Effortless Lead Integration with Zoho CRM

Once you've identified and selected your target leads, Lead Finder offers multiple options for managing them within Zoho CRM. Whether you prefer to import leads directly into any Zoho CRM module, download them for offline use, or visualize their distribution on a map, Lead Finder provides the flexibility you need. This ensures a seamless transition from lead discovery to active engagement within your CRM system.
Anthony Vandyke
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Now we can effortlessly target and market the Business we want to. we got their Email and Phone number with a few clicks.
Ken jo
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For someone new to lead generation tools, Lead Finder is really easy to use and gets the job done. The instructions in the documentation are clear, and they include helpful pictures. Being able to see leads on a map is a big deal—it changes the game.
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Lead Finder has become a must-have tool for me when it comes to generating leads. The documentation it offers is thorough, explaining everything about how the extension works. I like how it goes into detail about filters and actions, which helps me tailor my searches easily. I'd suggest it to anyone who wants to make their lead generation process smoother!
Shih manika
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I'm really impressed with the Lead Finder extension. It has great features, and the support it offers is top-notch. it's a fantastic tool.


Lead Finder seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, providing a powerful extension to enhance your lead generation process. The extension leverages Google to scrape relevant data about companies, such as contact information, industry details, and more. Once activated, Lead Finder simplifies the lead generation process by automatically populating your Zoho CRM with valuable data, allowing you to focus on engaging with potential clients rather than spending time on manual data entry.
Simply input your desired keyword into the designated field. For example, if you're searching for software houses, enter keywords like "software house" or "software" to obtain relevant results.
You can type in the radius in kilometers using the filters. Just make sure the radius is a positive number, like 1, 2, 3, and so on. It can't be zero or negative.
Lead Finder is designed to fetch comprehensive information about companies, including but not limited to their contact details, website, industry, location, and key personnel. By utilizing Google scraping techniques, Lead Finder gathers publicly available data to provide you with a holistic view of potential leads. This allows you to make informed decisions and tailor your approach when reaching out to prospects, ultimately increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your lead generation efforts.
Yes, Lead Finder is designed with data privacy and compliance in mind. It operates by scraping publicly available information from Google search results and does not infringe upon any privacy policies. However, it is crucial to use the tool responsibly and in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. Users are advised to review and adhere to the privacy policies and terms of service of both Zoho CRM and Google to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Additionally, always respect the privacy and preferences of the individuals and companies you are engaging with, and ensure that your use of Lead Finder aligns with ethical and legal standards.
Yes, you can download selected records in a .csv file for future use.

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