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Managing Zoho CRM records Made Easier With MapView

MapView seamlessly integrates with your Zoho CRM and maps all your contacts, leads and accounts to Google Maps.


Bubble Map

Radius coverage map is a useful and powerful tool to see which areas are under-served and which areas are over-served.

Heat Map

A heat map is a data visualization technique that shows magnitude of a phenomenon as color in two dimensions.

Fields Filter

The fields selection filter allows you to select and filter out the specific fields from your data for your analytics. Mark the fields that you want to view.

Custom Filters

Now you can create custom filter for your data based on fields having specific values.
Emma Lenneti
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It is a great extension which helped me a lot in managing CRM data. Managing leads, Accounts and Contacts was never so easy.
Charles Peterson
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Highly recommended for data visualization. I can easily locate my leads and contacts on map through this extension.
James Roth
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The Map View extension has greatly improved our CRM system. Features like field settings and customizable pointers are very useful. Kudos to the team for creating such a helpful extension!
Keeth Mo
Operations Manager
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This extension single-handedly changed how we manage our CRM data. It's simple to visualize leads and accounts on a map. I highly recommend this extension!


Map View is a Zoho marketplace extension that allows users to visualize their Zoho CRM data geographically on maps. It provides a bird's eye view of leads, accounts, contacts, deals, or any customized module within Zoho CRM.
Yes, Features such as Deals, Custom address fields and Custom Modules can be purchased in app
Yes, Map View allows character search to find any record on maps. You can perform module-wise searches or search across all data.
You can customize pointer icons for each module. This helps users quickly identify the data they're viewing on maps by visually differentiating between different sets of data.
You can contact the support team via live chat as well as send us an email. A support agent will get back to you shortly.
In order to cancel your subcription simply go to settings tab and click cancel subscription.

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