create and customize workflows based on your data's geographical location

Place Match is a Zoho CRM extension where you can create and customize workflows based on your data’s geographical location. Place Match is a powerful platform that revolutionizes data-driven workflows by harnessing the potential of geographical information. With Place Match, you can effortlessly customize and optimize your processes based on precise geographical data. Whether you need to streamline logistics, enhance marketing strategies, or make data-driven decisions. Unleash the full potential of your data with Place Match and unlock new possibilities for efficiency and success.



Specify a location through search to add a pin point. Then, select the records as inside/outside of the selected latitude and longitude.


Map your location fields here in the mapping screen for the place match to get the latitude and longitude to get their geographical locations for applying workflows to only the specified data


Specify the date and time to trigger workflow accordingly. The interval type specifies the time periods based on your criteria to trigger workflow after minute, hours or days.


User can easily turn off or turn on the workflow according to the need. Just toggle the status button. User can also delete and see the logs too that how many times the workflow is triggered or executed.


Place Match is a Zoho CRM extension that enables the creation and customization of workflows based on geographical location data. It revolutionizes data-driven workflows by leveraging geographical information to optimize processes such as logistics, marketing, and decision-making.
To create custom criteria, click the "Create Criteria" button at the top right corner of the Place Match interface. Then, select the module to apply the workflow, specify a unique name for the criteria, and define the boundaries for specific data based on your requirements.
Place Match offers two criteria scopes: User-based and Organization-based. User-based scope applies workflows to specific user data, while Organization-based scope works across all organization data but requires administrative access. These scopes define the boundaries for applying workflows.
Yes, Place Match allows you to select pre-defined criteria from a dropdown menu. There are four possibilities: All contacts with localization, All Contacts without localization, Specific contacts with localization, and Specific contacts without localization. Each criteria defines the scope of data for workflow application.
Mapping in Place Match involves mapping location fields to obtain latitude and longitude coordinates for geographical locations. You can map customized fields as well. However, successful mapping requires that mapped fields contain address information. Otherwise, mapping will not work, and workflows won't be applied to data requiring localization.

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