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Zenith Innovations has been providing integrations to clients worldwide for some time because, in today’s competitive business environment, accurate and comprehensive data about potential clients and partners are crucial for success. We understand this need. Our client, a leading B2B company, recognized the importance of enhancing their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with enriched data from LinkedIn. Their goal was to improve lead quality, gain deeper insights into potential clients, and streamline their outreach efforts.

To achieve this, we developed a data enrichment workflow using Phantombuster tools and Google Sheets to manually pull and verify data from LinkedIn. This case study outlines the process, challenges, and impact of the project so let’s get right into it.

Problem Statement

The client’s CRM system did not have enough data on leads and contacts. This made it hard for them to make good and informed business decisions and connect with potential clients. The CRM was missing:

  1. LinkedIn URLs for companies and contacts.
  2. Detailed company information from LinkedIn profiles.
  3. Information about top employees at target companies.
  4. Complete LinkedIn profiles for individual contacts.

The absence of this critical data resulted in inefficient lead qualification processes and missed opportunities for personalized engagement.

 Solution and Workflow

Company Data Enrichment Workflow

Step 1: LinkedIn Company URL Finder

   – Objective: Find LinkedIn URLs for companies listed in the CRM without URLs.

   – Process: Extract company names, input them into a shared Google Sheet, and use Phantombuster to find LinkedIn URLs.

Step 2: LinkedIn Companies Info

   – Objective: Enrich company profiles with detailed information from LinkedIn.

   – Process: Input LinkedIn URLs into a Google Sheet and use Phantombuster to pull comprehensive company data.

Step 3: LinkedIn Companies Employees

   – Objective: Identify and pull data on the top 5 employees from each company.

   – Process: Input LinkedIn URLs into a Google Sheet and use Phantombuster to retrieve employee information.

Contact Data Enrichment Workflow

Step 1: LinkedIn Profile URL Finder

   – Objective: Find LinkedIn URLs for contacts based on their names and company info.

   – Process: Extract contact details, input them into a Google Sheet, and use Phantombuster to find LinkedIn profiles.

Step 2: LinkedIn Profile Scraper

   – Objective: Enrich contact profiles with detailed LinkedIn information.

   – Process: Input LinkedIn URLs into a Google Sheet and use Phantombuster to pull detailed contact information.

Verification and Finalization

– For all steps, the data was verified by the end user before being accepted and saved back into the CRM to ensure accuracy and relevance.

By using these practices in data enrichment workflow, we helped out client in greatly improving the quality and depth of their CRM data. The enriched data allowed for better and effective lead qualification and more personalized engagement strategies. This, in turn, led to better business outcomes.


1. Improved Lead Quality: The addition of LinkedIn URLs and detailed company information allowed for better segmentation and targeting of leads.

2. Enhanced Engagement: With comprehensive profiles on key contacts and top employees, the client could craft more personalized and relevant outreach messages.

3. Increased Efficiency: The automated data pulling process using Phantombuster tools reduced the manual effort required to gather information, allowing the sales team to focus on higher-value activities.

4. Informed Decision-Making: Access to detailed company and contact information enabled better strategic planning and decision-making within the organization.

This project demonstrated the value of integrating LinkedIn data into CRM systems, providing our client with a robust solution to enhance their business operations and achieve their strategic goals.

Kamran Gill
Kamran Gill
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