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Zoho offers a variety of powerful software for businesses, such as CRM, HRM, finance, sales, and marketing. These tools are integrated with other zoho apps or with third parties, allowing companies to automate tasks, improve workflows, and enhance processes. Zoho’s ERP solution is particularly noteworthy, enabling businesses to manage resources, streamline operations, and achieve growth.

We used Zoho’s various marketing tools to create a complete digital marketing automation solution. Let’s begin the details of work we conducted for NEG Construction.


NEG Construction is a leading player in the construction industry. They recognized the need for a transformative digital marketing automation strategy to stay ahead in a competitive market. The company aimed to establish a strong online presence, enhance lead generation, and streamline marketing efforts without any delays.


  1. Lack of a Unified Digital Marketing: NEG Construction faced challenges in coordinating and monitoring digital marketing efforts spread across various platforms.
  2. Inefficient Lead Generation: The existing approach did not provide a structured and efficient lead generation funnel.
  3. Limited Analytics and Insights: The absence of a centralized analytics platform hindering data-driven decision-making.


After analyzing the problem, we helped NEG Construction adopt a strategic approach with Zoho Analytics, Zoho Social, Zoho Marketing Automation, Zoho Campaigns, and Zoho PageSense along with Google tools to provide an all-in-one solution with automation.

The key components of the solution included:

1. Zoho Social Integration:

   – All social media pages and platforms were seamlessly integrated into Zoho Social, providing a centralized hub for monitoring and managing social media activities.

2. Marketing Automation for Precision Campaigns:

   – Zoho Campaigns, part of the Zoho One suite, was employed for marketing automation, enabling targeted and personalized email and text campaigns.

3. Page Sense Integration:

   – Page Sense was integrated to gain insights into user interactions with campaigns and website engagement, allowing for a more categorized understanding of user behavior.

4. Unified Data Management with Zoho Analytics:

   – Data from Zoho Social, Zoho Campaigns, and Page Sense were aggregated into Zoho Analytics datasets, creating a centralized repository for comprehensive data analysis.


  • Zoho Social became the go-to platform for managing social media, scheduling posts, and monitoring engagement across various channels.
  • Zoho Campaigns automated email and text campaigns, ensuring timely and targeted communication with the audience.
  • Page Sense provided valuable insights into user behavior, allowing for optimization of marketing strategies.


1. Enhanced Visibility:

   – Integration with Zoho Social significantly improved management and accelerated interaction with social media activities, resulting in increased visibility and engagement.

2. Streamlined Lead Generation:

   – The marketing automation capabilities of Zoho Campaigns facilitated a structured lead generation funnel, resulting in a more efficient conversion process.

3. Data-Driven Decision Making:

   – Zoho Analytics played a pivotal role in providing actionable insights. Reports and dashboards created from the analytics data informed strategic decisions.

NEG Construction’s adoption of a Zoho-centric strategy produced remarkable results. The company not only achieved a stronger digital presence but also streamlined lead generation and improved data-driven decision-making. This comprehensive approach, supported by the Zoho One suite and Zenith Innovations, positioned NEG Construction for digital marketing excellence in the construction industry.

If you’re facing difficulties with Zoho or want’s to get started with Zoho ERP solutions, schedule your free consultation with Zenith Innovations today.

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