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Everything about Zoho Creator’s ready-to-use apps

Zoho Creator has established itself as a dynamic and innovative powerful low-code platform, celebrated for its expertise in creating tailor-made applications that provides fullest to the distinctive requirements of businesses. As we go deeper into this discussion, our focus turns to Zoho’s ready-to-use apps which drives the shift in the world of automation. These applications, born from a commitment to innovation, seamlessly blend into organizational processes, promising an expedited journey towards automation excellence.

Purpose-Built Business Applications

We have discussed Zoho Creator and its benefits. Now, let’s explore its suite of apps tailored for various operational needs, from expense tracking to project management.

1. Custom Expense Management App:

The Custom Expense Management app is one of Zoho Creator’s apps built for personalized and hassle-free expense management processes, offering ease and budget-friendliness!

What it does?

  • Fits your requirements seamlessly: Develop modules for reimbursements, travel expenses, advances, or anything your distinct scenario requires.
  • Empowers your workforce: Capture receipts on the fly, categorize expenses effortlessly, and submit reports in a snap.
  • Automates routine tasks: Establish automated workflows for directing reports, triggering reimbursements, and maintaining a smooth process.

2. Custom Inventory Management App:

Zoho Creator’s Custom Inventory Management App offers you a tailored warehouse solution for inventory management, allowing you to manage your inventory with ease and increase productivity!

What it does?

  • Reflects your reality: Construct modules for specific items, locations, workflows, or anything your distinct inventory necessitates.
  • Empowers your team: Enable employees to update stock levels, handle orders, and trace locations from any device.
  • Automates the mundane: Initiate automated workflows for purchase orders, low-stock alerts, and even intricate approval processes.

3. Custom CRM App:

Custom CRM

Shape your ideal solutions and sales machine with Zoho Creator’s Custom CRM App!

What it does?

  • Reflects your sales cycle: Say goodbye to rigid stages and create flexible modules for lead generation, qualification, proposals, deal closure, and more.
  • Empowers your sales team: Provide your reps with personalized data capture forms, tailored dashboards, and automated tasks.
  • Automates the routine: Establish workflows for lead scoring, email sequences, and follow-up reminders.

4. Custom Bug Tracker App:

Zoho Creator’s Custom Bug Tracker App empowers you to create your personalized bug-fixing setup so that you can record them and schedule them for solution seamlessly!

What it does?

  • Reflects your reality: Create modules for specific bug types, categories, projects, or workflows.
  • Empowers your team: Provide developers with custom issue capture forms, user-friendly dashboards, and automated workflows.
  • Automates the routine: Establish workflows for automatic priority assignments, notifications, and escalations.

5. Leave Management App:

Handling vacation requests, approving leaves, and organizing schedules may seem challenging, but fear not, HR heroes! Zoho Creator’s Leave Management App is your reliable safety net!

What it does?

  • Seamless leave requests: Employees easily submit leave requests with a simple click, choosing from predefined options or specifying custom reasons.
  • Efficient approvals: Automate approval workflows based on department, seniority, or other specific criteria.
  • Crystal-clear calendar: Obtain a clear overview of all leave requests and employee schedules with an intuitive calendar.

6. Project Tracker App:

Deadlines, scattered tasks, and messy workflows can be overwhelming. Zoho Creator’s Project Tracker App is here to transform your projects from chaos to streamlined efficiency!

What it does?

  • Crystal-clear visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of projects, tasks, timelines, and milestones through an intuitive dashboard.
  • Effortless collaboration: Assign tasks, engage in discussions, share files, and track progress within the app, fostering seamless team communication and ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
  • Conquering deadlines: Set due dates, receive task completion alerts, and monitor progress with Gantt charts.

7. Sales Management App:

Overwhelmed by leads, struggling to close deals, and dealing with a chaotic sales process? Fear not, Zoho Creator’s Sales Management App can be your reliable companion. Turn your sales chaos into flourishing deals and impressive quotas!

What it does?

  • Lead magnet: Capture leads effortlessly from various sources (web forms, social media, events) using pre-built modules and custom forms.
  • Nurturing pipeline: Organize leads by stage, prioritize follow-ups, and automate email sequences to keep the communication flowing.
  • Deal-closing cavalry: Arm your reps with user-friendly dashboards, tailored sales stages, and robust quoting tools.

8. Online Recruitment Tracker:

Sorting through resumes, managing interviews, and tracking candidates seems overwhelming. Zoho Creator’s Online Recruitment Tracker App can be your reliable assistant, set to organize and streamline your hiring process for efficient talent acquisition!

What it does?

  • Attracting Applicants: Post job openings on various platforms, easily capture applications with custom forms, and manage referrals effortlessly. N
  • Organizing Candidates: Sort applicants based on skills, experience, and job fit. Create custom pipelines to track progress through different interview stages.
  • Simplified Evaluation: Conduct online assessments, schedule interviews with ease, and collaborate with team members on feedback within the app.

9. Custom Employee Management:

Zoho Creator’s Custom Employee Management App is your creative guide, ready to blend workforce engagement and efficiency seamlessly!

What it does?

  • Reflects your company culture: Develop modules for performance reviews, onboarding, employee recognition, or anything that shapes your distinctive work environment.
  • Empowers your teams: Provide employees with self-service portals for leave requests, benefits management, and skill development.
  • Automates routine tasks: Establish workflows for approvals, payroll updates, and internal communication.

10. Task Management App:

Zoho Creator’s Task Management App can be your reliable surfboard, for navigating your work with focus and efficiency!

What it does?

  • Clear organization: Easily capture tasks from emails, forms, or direct input. Sort them by project, team, or priority to avoid information chaos.
  • Team collaboration: Assign tasks to team members, keep an eye on real-time progress, and discuss details within the app.
  • Deadline management: Set due dates, get timely reminders, and visually track progress with Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

How to Use Ready-to-Use Apps in Zoho Creator?

You can access and use the ready-to-use apps in Zoho Creator by following the below steps:

  • Access the App Library: Log in to your Zoho Creator account and navigate to the App Library.
  • Browse and Choose: Explore the diverse range of ready-to-use apps available in the library.
  • Install and Customize: Select the app that best fits your needs and install it. Customize fields and workflows as necessary.
  • Integrate with Existing Apps: Integrate the ready-to-use app with your existing Zoho or third-party applications for a seamless workflow.
  • Train Your Team: Introduce your team to the new app and provide training as needed for a smooth transition.

At Zenith Innovation, we specialize in maximizing the potential of platforms like Zoho Creator for seamless business automation. Our experienced team is ready to guide you if you have more questions or need help. Get in contact with us from the below button.

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