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Remember the days when cold calling was your only option to outreach your potential clients and then getting harse responses? Well, not anymore. Say farewell to the days of endless cold calls, getting harse responses and the tough job of finding good leads for your sales. LinkedPro is here to change the game – it is like a super helpful tool in Zoho CRM that makes your existing data a treasure chest of opportunities. This amazing tool works with LinkedIn, bringing out all the great things your CRM can do.

LinkedIn a well known and proven place for finding potential customers. Now, getting important info about leads, contacts, and accounts is as easy as a few clicks. The tough times of not being sure and struggling are done – with LinkedPro, you are ready to find lots of good leads easily and precisely, starting a new era of success in finding customers.

Linkedin leads with LinkedPro

Get and Utilize Decision-Maker Insights

Imagine you find an interesting company in your Zoho CRM. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could quickly check out the profiles of the important decision-makers in that company? With LinkedPro, this becomes a reality. You can easily see their interests, skills, and expertise, allowing you to create personalized messages that truly connect with them. LinkedPro makes this whole process a breeze, turning your CRM into a powerful tool for understanding and reaching out to the right people in a company.

How LinkedPro Works?

Think of LinkedPro as a magical bridge linking your Zoho CRM with the huge community of professionals on LinkedIn. It’s like a friendly connection that makes it super easy for your CRM to talk to LinkedIn and bring in valuable information. Developed by Zenith Innvations, With LinkedPro, you’re tapping into a world of opportunities, where finding the right people for your business becomes as simple as a stroll across a bridge.

With just a few clicks, you can

  • Search for LinkedIn profiles of leads, contacts, and accounts: Leave the traditional way of searching and pinpoint the exact profiles you need based on name, location, and company. No more sifting through irrelevant results!
  • Gain a complete company overview: Discover who is who within a specific company by searching for its employees directly within your Zoho CRM account. No more hopping between platforms and wasting time!
  • Enrich your data with valuable insights: Go beyond basic contact information. LinkedPro pulls in valuable details like email addresses, phone numbers, skills, and even shared connections, giving you a comprehensive picture of your potential customers.

Beyond Search, a Symphony of Automation

Leads with LinkedPro

LinkedPro goes beyond just doing occasional searches. It is like a superkit for your productivity, making your work smoother and more efficient. Instead of just finding information here and there, LinkedPro becomes a helpful sidekick that organizes your tasks and makes everything easier. It streamlines your work processes, ensuring you get things done effortlessly:

  • Export multiple profiles to Zoho CRM in a single click: No more boring manual data entry. Bulk export LinkedIn profiles directly into your Zoho CRM, keeping your database squeaky clean and ready for action.
  • Automate profile updates: Stay ahead of the curve by automatically syncing changes in LinkedIn profiles directly to your Zoho CRM records. No more outdated information hampering your outreach efforts.
  • Customize dashboards and workflows: Craft the perfect data visualization experience that fits your sales strategy. Tailor dashboards to prioritize hot leads and track key metrics, and build custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks.

What you get with LinkedPro?

With LinkedPro you get rid of the old way of sending out lots of emails hoping something sticks. LinkedPro gives you the smarts and insights to create special messages that really connect with people. It is not about sending generic stuff; it is about having the power to make each outreach personal and meaningful. With LinkedPro, you’re in control, making your messages stand out in the crowd.


  • Tailoring your sales pitch to the specific interests and expertise of your prospect.
  • Leveraging shared connections to build rapport and break the ice.
  • Demonstrating genuine understanding of their challenges and offering tailored solutions.

With LinkedPro, you are no longer a cold caller in the dark. You are a strategic connector, building meaningful relationships and turning casual prospects into loyal customers.

Try now and change your sales landscape Today

Don’t let old-fashioned ways of finding potential customers slow you down. LinkedPro reveals a world full of great potential leads, personalized ways to connect with them, and making your work smoother. It’s all about breaking free from the old methods and stepping into a new era where finding the right leads is easy. LinkedPro is your partner in reaching new heights with your CRM.

Install LinkedPro today and watch your sales funnel move from a tiny stream to a big river of success.

Kamran Gill
Kamran Gill
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