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Do you remember the days when dealing with spreadsheets felt like a never-ending struggle, and understanding your Zoho CRM data seemed like a mystery? Well, those days are finally gone. Introducing the Map View extension for Zoho CRM—a game-changer that transforms your customer information into a dynamic map, making everything easy to see and understand. This dynamic extension takes your sales and customer strategy to a whole new level, guiding you toward success effortlessly.

No more getting lost in data – with Map View, you can navigate through your customer landscape like a pro. It is like having a friendly guide that shows you the way to boost your sales strategy and reach new heights.

Map View dark theme
black and white themes for ease of usage

Lets understand Mapview through an example. Imagine this, your Zoho CRM is full of potential as an undiscovered treasure box, where Leads, Contacts, and Accounts hold exciting opportunities. Yet, you are stuck in sorting through rows and columns which can be like wandering through a dense jungle. That is where Map View steps in, transforming the game by creating a clear picture of your sales territory. Each pin on the map represents a potential customer, making it easy to discover and explore new opportunities. Part your way with the jungle of data and explore a visual and straightforward way of uncovering valuable leads.

Visualize, Analyze, Conquer

“Map View is not just a map; it is a strategic command center.”

We created Map View to simplify your CRM experience and make managing your opportunities easier than ever. With just a quick glance, you can:

  • Identify clusters of opportunity: See where your leads or customers concentrate, revealing profitable target zones for focused campaigns.
  • Plan optimized routes: Plan efficient travel paths for sales reps, saving resources, time and maximizing productivity.
  • Analyze regional trends: Uncover geographical patterns in customer behavior, informing product development and marketing strategies.
  • Identify under-served areas: Discover untapped potential in neglected zones, expanding your reach and market share.
Map View customization

Beyond the Surface: Drilling Deeper into Data

Map View is a tool for pointing geographical locations of your most potential and understanding data better on the go. Those pins are like gateways to a treasure trove of customer information. Instead of getting lost in complex data, Map View extension simplifies things. It is like having a guide that leads you directly to the important details you need. So, every pin becomes a door to unlock valuable insights about your customers, making your Zoho CRM experience more straightforward and effective.

  • Geo-fence bubbles: Create virtual territories and track activity within them, gaining valuable insights into regional performance.
  • Heat maps: Visualize areas with high concentrations of leads or customers, highlighting hotspots for targeted campaigns.
  • Dynamic marker details: Customize what information pops up when hovering over pins, from basic contact details to custom fields and KPIs.
Map View pointers

Fine-Tune Your Focus: Filtering for Precision Targeting

Map View is all about precision, not a scattered approach. Make the most of the advanced search feature to refine your data using various criteria, including: industry, location, and customer type. This focused tool allows you to narrow down your search, ensuring that each piece of information aligns with your specific needs. It is like having a laser-guided system that refines the details that matter most to your business. With Map View, you are not just navigating data; you are pin-pointing exactly what you need for targeted and effective decision-making.

  • Industry: Target specific business types within your chosen region.
  • Lead score: Prioritize your outreach efforts by focusing on the hottest leads.
  • Custom fields: Filter based on any custom data point relevant to your campaigns.
Map View Customer's details

Get the maximum customization

Map View is as flexible as your sales strategy needs it to be. With the ability to select from various map styles, personalize marker icons, and seamlessly integrate data from your custom Zoho modules, Map View empowers you to craft a map that mirrors your distinctive sales vision. It is not about conforming to a standard; it is about tailoring the map to be your unique masterpiece. Whether you prefer a classic look or a modern aesthetic, Map View ensures that the visualization aligns seamlessly with your brand and strategy. Having a tool that adapts to your needs is invaluable, and Map View stands out as the versatile companion that grows and evolves with your business.

Revolutionize Your CRM Experience

Map View not just a feature or an add-on in your Zoho CRM experience. It serves as the essential puzzle piece that converts your CRM into a dynamic visual decision-making powerhouse. No more straining your eyes over spreadsheets; instead, embark on a journey through your sales landscape with the precision of a seasoned map designer.

By installing Map View today(by clicking the image below), you’re unlocking a new chapter of success stories, each pin on the map representing a strategic move that propels your business forward.

Map View in Zoho CRM ScreenShot

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