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Zoho CRM new features

Zoho is always working on making it products better and better to help businesses stay ahead of their competition. Their newest features in Zoho CRM of Blueprint, Kiosk Studio, and Zia enhancements aim to transform your sales strategy. These additions streamline workflows, provide valuable customer insights, and revolutionize sales approaches. With these exciting updates, your business has the opportunity to move forward and thrive.

Latest Zoho CRM Features

Let’s explore how each of these features can help you achieve your sales goals.

Blueprint: Creating a Profitable Sales Strategy

Imagine a smooth sales process that guides leads step by step, ensuring consistency across your team and increasing your profits. That’s what Zoho CRM’s Blueprint offers. This feature is more than just managing pipelines. It helps you create a winning sales strategy by providing a clear roadmap for your team.

It’s like having a success map, guiding you from qualifying leads to effective negotiation, all within the CRM platform. Blueprint ensures everyone follows the same process, making workflows smoother and maximizing your sales potential.


Blueprint enhances your productivity by making your work more efficient, organized, clear, and consistent. Blueprint improves the efficiency of your workflow in multiple ways:

  • Automated Tasks: Free yourself from repetitive tasks. Blueprint automates specific actions, allowing your sales team to focus on high-impact activities.
  • Data Validation: Ensure data accuracy with built-in validation checks. Blueprint safeguards the integrity of your CRM data, eliminating errors and inconsistencies.
  • Team Collaboration: Foster seamless teamwork. Blueprint keeps everyone on the same page, promoting transparent communication and collaboration throughout the sales cycle.

By implementing Blueprint, you can streamline your sales process into a consistent and effective method. With a clear roadmap to follow, new hires can learn the ropes and begin contributing meaningfully much faster. Blueprint fosters a winning environment where success can be replicated and built upon. Sales reps can leverage the best practices documented within Blueprint to close deals more effectively, improving individual and team performance.

Kiosk Studio: Low-Code Customization

Kiosk Studio takes customization to a whole new level. While Blueprint automates specific functions, Kiosk offers a broader spectrum of customization possibilities – and all without the need for extensive coding.


Benefits with Kiosk Studio

  • Low-Code Process Flows: Simplify complex and repetitive tasks without relying on developers. Kiosk’s intuitive interface empowers you to build custom workflows that streamline your processes.
  • UI Customization: Craft user interfaces tailored to your specific needs. Kiosk Studio allows you to design custom screens with unique input fields, extending beyond standard CRM fields.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Integrate data from various sources for a holistic view. Kiosk Studio facilitates seamless data integration, allowing you to leverage information from diverse platforms for comprehensive actions within Zoho CRM.

With Kiosk Studio, you gain the power to personalize your CRM experience and tailor it to your unique business requirements. This flexibility empowers you to create a system that perfectly aligns with your sales processes and workflows.

Zia: Your AI-Powered Assistant Gets Even Smarter

Zia, Zoho CRM’s intelligent assistant, has received a significant upgrade with the introduction of powerful new features. These enhancements make Zia an even more valuable asset in your sales arsenal.


Zia Latest Features

  • Anomaly Detection: Spotting deviations from normal sales patterns can be challenging, especially with vast datasets. Zia’s anomaly detection feature simplifies this process by comparing real-time data to historical patterns and flagging any irregularities. This allows you to identify potential issues and course-correct before they derail your sales momentum.
  • Intelligent Alerts: Stay informed and take swift action with Zia’s notification system. Receive AI-powered alerts on crucial CRM events, ensuring you never miss a beat.
  • Competitor Alerts: Keep a close eye on your competition. Zia monitors your rivals’ activities and can notify you of any pricing or marketing changes, allowing you to make strategic adjustments to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Trend Analysis: Gain valuable insights from your sales data with Zia’s machine learning capabilities. Zia analyzes trends and reveals hidden patterns, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that optimize your sales strategy.

Read more about Zia from: HERE

By leveraging Zia’s enhanced capabilities, you can gain a deeper understanding of your sales pipeline, identify potential roadblocks, and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Zia transforms data into actionable insights, making you a more informed and strategic salesperson.

SalesSignals: Get Actionable Insights

In sales and dealing with customers, getting notifications at the right time are really important. Zoho’s SalesSignals is great for this. It sorts through all the notifications and only shows you the most important ones. Whether it’s about new leads, contacts, potential customers, or current ones, SalesSignals helps keep your communication organized and easy to understand.

Before, you might have been bombarded with notifications that didn’t matter much. But with SalesSignals, each one is useful and helps you stay focused on your goals. It’s all about making your work easier and more efficient.

CRM Customization with Copy Customization

Many organizations deal with multiple CRM accounts, and keeping things consistent across all of them can be tough. That’s where Zoho’s Copy Customization feature comes in handy. It’s a great tool for businesses looking to simplify their customization processes. With this feature, users can easily copy custom settings from one account to another. This ensures that all CRM accounts have the same look and feel, no matter how big or complex they are. It’s all about making things easier and more coherent for businesses managing multiple accounts.

Interactive Polls

Understanding what customers prefer is crucial in today’s competitive landscape. Zoho offers interactive polls as a fresh approach to engage subscribers and gather valuable insights into their preferences. By integrating polls into email campaigns, businesses can encourage active participation, strengthen connections, and enhance their brand reputation. From crafting enticing subject lines to utilizing survey data for strategic decision-making, Zoho provides businesses with the necessary tools to create impactful win-back campaigns and foster meaningful engagement.

Zoho CRM – A Powerful Toolkit for Sales Success

Zoho CRM’s latest features – Blueprint, Kiosk Studio, and Zia enhancements – represent a significant leap forward in sales automation, customization, and intelligent data analysis. By implementing these powerful tools, you can streamline your sales processes, gain valuable insights, and ultimately, achieve greater sales success.

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