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Map View

Prepare for a revolutionary upgrade with the upcoming features of Map View for Zoho CRM! These dynamic tools will take your data visualization and optimization to the next level. Imagine effortlessly planning smarter routes, analyzing data with precision, and keeping information up-to-date, all within the familiar interface of your favorite CRM.

Map View on Zoho CRM

Picture a seamless integration that enhances your planning strategies, offering smarter decision-making capabilities. The upcoming features aim to provide a more efficient and accurate approach to managing your data. Embrace these enhancements, as they bring an exciting new dimension to your experience with Map View in Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM extension Map View

Plan Routes Like a Pro:

Navigating a list of leads scattered across the city can be a challenge, but not anymore! The new “Plan Routes” feature makes it incredibly easy. Just a simple click of the button, input your destinations, and you are all set! MapView takes care of the rest, calculating the shortest and most time-efficient route, turning your journey into a breeze.

No more scrambling for directions or wasting time backtracking; this feature ensures a smooth ride. Just jump into your car and follow the optimized path, maximizing your productivity and minimizing travel time. It is like having a personal guide for your business trips, making each visit streamlined and efficient. This user-friendly addition to Map View is designed to simplify your lead management, ensuring you spend less time planning and more time connecting with potential clients. Say goodbye to the days of navigating the city maze – let Map View’s “Plan Routes” feature be your shortcut to success!

Draw Your Way to Insights:

routes on Map View

Have you ever wanted to see your leads visually grouped in a specific area? Well, now you can with the “Draw Shape” feature! It is as simple as drawing any shape – a circle, a rectangle, or even a freehand outline on the map. Map View will instantly display all the leads situated within that designated region. Whether you are aiming for leads in a particular neighborhood or near a major event, this feature allows you to zero in with precision.

The “Draw Shape” feature is your tool for creating targeted marketing campaigns and planning outreach efforts with newfound accuracy. Imagine the power of being able to visually identify and focus on leads within a specific area, enhancing your ability to connect with potential clients strategically. It is a user-friendly addition to

Map View that opens up a world of possibilities, making your lead management more intuitive and efficient. Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to targeted success with Map View’s “Draw Shape” feature!

Effortless Data Updates:

Maintaining accuracy in your CRM data is essential, but making manual edits can be a bit of a chore. That is where the “Update Data” feature comes in, revolutionizing the process like never before. Just click on the “edit” icon beside a data point, and a pop-up window will show up, presenting the current information in your Zoho CRM. You can make your changes right there in the pop-up, and once you click “save,” it’s done! The updated info seamlessly syncs with your Zoho CRM, making sure your data stays accurate and effortlessly reflects the latest changes.

No more tedious manual edits – just a simple, efficient way to keep your CRM data up-to-date!

Benefits Beyond Compare:

The upcoming features are absolute game-changers.

These enhancements go beyond the ordinary, promising to revolutionize the way you work with your CRM. They bring a new level of efficiency and effectiveness, making tasks simpler and more streamlined. With these game-changing features, your CRM experience is about to reach a whole new level of productivity and ease.


  • Reduced travel time and costs: Plan Routes optimizes your journeys, saving you valuable time and fuel.
  • Sharpened targeting: Draw Shape reveals hidden insights, enabling you to target campaigns with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Effortless data management: Update Data saves you time and ensures your information is always current.
  • Enhanced productivity: All features work seamlessly within Zoho CRM, boosting your overall efficiency.

Stay Tuned & Be the First to Experience!

The dedicated Map View team is putting in the effort to bring these remarkable features to reality. Keep an eye out for their release, and you could be one of the first to enjoy the upgraded data visualization and optimization capabilities seamlessly integrated into your Zoho CRM. These advancements empower you to make more informed decisions, elevate your outreach strategies, and, ultimately, attain greater success in your business ventures.

Stay tuned for an enhanced experience that promises to simplify your workflow and enhance the overall efficiency of your CRM operations. With these exciting additions, you are on the path to a more productive and successful journey in managing your business data.

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