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Foodics, a top restaurant management platform in the Middle East, reached us to improve and automate how they manage their data. They wanted to make their restaurant operations smoother and handle data more efficiently. To help them, we created custom automated workflows and functions. These solutions were made to trigger actions to certain actions , smoothly connecting Foodics’ Zoho CRM with Zoho Books and ESAL for Saudi Arabian invoices, and using Zoho Sign for document signing.

Problem Statements and Solutions

Problems and Solutions

1. Validation of Products in Quotes and Locations

Problem: Foodics needed a way to ensure products in quotes were equally distributed across locations.

Solution: Zenith Innovations created a workflow that triggers to check if products in a quote are equally distributed across locations. This validation can also be performed via a “Validate Distribution Location” button in the opportunity module. If the total number of branches and locations do not match, or if products are not equally distributed, an error is displayed.

2. Syncing Data to Different Organizations Based on Country

Problem: Foodics needed to sync data to different organizations in Zoho Books based on the billing country.

Solution: We used the “Billing Country” field to trigger different workflows for different countries (USA, KSA, UAE). These workflows ensured that data was synced to the respective organization in Zoho Books, preventing data overlap and confusion.

Flow of systems for Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE

We established a systematic flow to manage accounts, contacts, opportunities, quotes, and invoices.

Account Creation: Initially, create an account in Zoho CRM.

Contact Creation: Create a contact and associate it with the newly created account.

Opportunity Creation: Create an opportunity in Zoho CRM, ensuring the “Total number of Branches” matches the locations to be added later. If the number of branches and locations do not match, an error is displayed.

Quote Creation: Create a quote in Zoho CRM. Ensure that products added to the quote are equally distributed across the associated locations. If not, an error is displayed.

Generate an Invoice: Invoices are generated from quotes in Zoho CRM. To generate an invoice, the following conditions must be met:

  • The “Syncing” field in the quote must be checked.
  • The document must be signed via “Send with Zoho Sign.”
  • The quote stage must be “Closed Won.”

Once these conditions are met, the quote and invoice created in CRM are synced to Zoho Books.

Customer Payments:

For USA/Egypt/UAE: Customers can make payments through Zoho Books. Payments are recorded in Zoho Books and update the total paid amount in the quote and invoice in Zoho CRM. A sales order is generated in CRM when the total paid amount is equal to or greater than the payment term amount in the invoice.

For Saudi Arabia: Customer payments are processed through ESAL. The data is sent to ESAL for payment notification in Zoho Flow.

Uploading Invoice to ESAL: A webhook call retrieves the organization ID and invoice ID. The custom function “Upload_Invoice” uploads invoice data to ESAL. If there are no validation errors, the upload is successful, and a response is received. Otherwise, an error message is displayed.

ESAL Invoice Upload Notification: The ID received from ESAL is updated in the Zoho Books invoice.

ESAL Payment Notification: When a customer makes a payment through ESAL, the “ESAL Payment Notification” Zoho Flow is triggered. It updates the total paid amount in the invoice and quote in Zoho CRM.

ESAL Cancel Invoice: Unpaid invoices can be canceled using their ID.

Credit Notes to ESAL: Credit notes are issued for returned goods or refunds. They keep track of credit note-related information.

Debit Notes to ESAL: Debit notes rectify erroneous values recorded in previous invoices or request a credit note from the customer. They ensure accurate financial records.


The integration solutions provided by Zenith Innovations brought significant improvements for Foodics. The automated workflows reduced the time required for data management and improved accuracy by minimizing manual errors. Operational efficiency increased, ensuring that information in Zoho CRM was always up-to-date. The scalable solution allowed Foodics to handle large volumes of data seamlessly.

Overall, the collaboration between Foodics and Zenith Innovations delivered a robust, automated system for managing data across Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and ESAL, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy. This case study highlights Zenith Innovations’ expertise in creating custom automation solutions personalized to client needs. If you are looking for a similar integration or have issues with Zoho products, reach out to us right away.

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