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IMEX is a leading logistics company specializing in international freight forwarding and supply chain solutions. They had faced many obstacles in efficiently extracting and updating company and employee data from LinkedIn. The manual process was time-consuming and often had errors, affecting data accuracy and efficiency. They needed an automated solution to manage data synchronization between multiple platforms.


Zenith Innovations, a renowned IT consulting firm specializing in custom automation and integration solutions, partnered with IMEX to tackle this issue. We implemented a comprehensive integration using PhantomBuster, Google Sheets, Zoho Flow, and Zoho CRM.

fetching and storing Companies name

We started by adding an “Add to Google Sheets” button in IMEX’s Company Module. When clicked, this button sent the company name to Zoho Flow via a webhook, which updated the company name in a designated Google Sheet. We added a new field called “Sync Status” with options like Not Started, In Progress, Completed, and Not Found. Data could only be sent if the Sync Status was “null” or “Not Started.” After sending the data, the Sync Status would update to “In Progress.” We also created a new Zoho CRM variable, “CompanyName_GS_Index,” to control the index in the Google Sheet.

Scraping Linkedin profiles

Next, we utilized PhantomBuster’s LinkedIn Company URL Finder to process company names from the Google Sheet. This tool fetched company names and processed a specified number of names per launch, returning a JSON file with LinkedIn profile URLs and logging the extracted data. Zoho Flow then updated the records with LinkedIn URLs and sent the data back to the Google Sheet. Once the records were updated, the Sync Status changed to “Completed.” We set up a new Google Sheet, “LinkedIn-Company-URL-GoogleSheet,” to store LinkedIn profile links, ensuring all data was organized and accessible.

Extracting detailed company information

To further improve the process, we used PhantomBuster to extract detailed company information. This extracted data was used to update empty fields in company profiles. Zoho Flow processed this data and updated the records in Zoho CRM. To maintain data integrity and prevent complexity, we used a Zoho CRM variable to manage index values. The function “ProfileScraperIndexResetFunction” was created to reset the index to its default value, ensuring the system remained efficient and accurate.

Finally, we used PhantomBuster to extract employee profiles from LinkedIn. The employee data, provided in JSON format, was processed by Zoho Flow, which then updated the records with the new information. We used a Zoho CRM variable to control the index values, ensuring smooth and accurate data handling.


The integration by Zenith Innovations significantly improved IMEX’s operations. The automated process reduced the time needed for data extraction and synchronization. It also improved data accuracy by minimizing manual input errors. Operational efficiency increased, ensuring up-to-date information in Zoho CRM. The solution is scalable, allowing IMEX to handle large volumes of data without additional manual effort.

Overall, the collaboration between IMEX and Zenith Innovations provided a strong, automated solution to manage LinkedIn data, enhancing operational efficiency and data accuracy. This collaboration showcases Zenith Innovations’ expertise in delivering custom automation solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

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