How does the Zoho CRM Lead finder tool work?


Leadfinder is a Zoho CRM Extension which can be used after installing in the CRM

What is LeadFinder?

Lead Finder is essentially a tool that searches for any query on Google and determines the number of users. It locates their phone numbers, addresses, locations, and email addresses of the contacts. The lead is then displayed on a map (the site will open to show the lead, and we can view the lead number along with the email) for easy access. You can upload the data into an Excel sheet and download or directly into CRM. Both the installation and use of the Lead Finder require a Zoho CRM account.

How does it work?

When we conduct a search using a keyword, specified location, or range after installing the Zoho CRM Lead finder extension , this extension retrieves all of the results and also enables you to specify a particular field, such as email, rating, telephone, website, address, business operational, and reviews. You can select any field that data you want to fetch.

In lead finder, we essentially search keywords, set the field, and then set the location of that specific term or query. The field might contain a location, email, or phone number.

Most of the lead finder doesn’t give a free trial but lead finder Zoho CRM Provides you a 10 – 15 days free trial period. After that, you have to set up your google API key. It also has the unusual function of allowing you to examine the data on the map using the map, and if you want to download the data, you can do so quickly in CSV format. If you want to import a lead, you can do so quickly by choosing it and adding it to any module; the lead will then be added to the lead module.

Numerous modules are available, including contacts, accounts, tasks, meetings, and calls. However, if you want to store leads, they will only be stored in the lead module, if you choose to store contacts, they will only be stored in the contact module, and so on.


The majority of individuals can use lead finders to create campaigns, finding leads to cold emails and the usage of lead finders for business growth has become commonplace among firms, as evidenced by the fact that doing so has helped numerous businesses locate the leads they need to grow.

What to look for in a cold email?

A cold message or a cold email is a message that is sent to a person who does not know about you, who is a stranger. The intention behind writing them is to get a response from the receiver and want to build a relationship with the customer for a specific reason.

Cold emails are kept short. In today’s busy schedules and routines, no one has much time to read long paragraphs. The very first point to be noticed here is that what we are writing to the other person could be the point of interest for the other person. There must be some research done before you write an email.

Subject Line:

The most important and basic element is to think of the subject line that would attract your email receivers.

For example: If you are thinking of grabbing someone’s attention who does not know about you can keep it as simple as:

“You have no idea how I got to know about you”


“You don’t know me, but I know all about you”

This subject line will immediately grasp the reader’s attention because this is surely not such an email he receives daily. When writing an email most people just notice the subject line and then decide whether to open an email or just ignore it.

Similarly, it also depends on what you are demanding or what’s the basic purpose of writing this cold email. If you want to get a job or provide your services to the other person that is also tricky. Like if you are providing any development services do not ask for the job or write such subject lines that say:

“Looking for a job Opportunity”


“I am providing web services”

There are thousands of web services and development providers and thousands of people looking for a job so such emails never stand out. These are always unread and no one notices it because there are already thousands of emails in junk that are with the same tagline or subject line.

If you notice that someone’s website is not updated for long and you want to grab this project you need to add the subject line as follows:

“Your website needs to be upgraded”


“How long you have updated your website?”

Once your subject line is catchy enough to grasp someone’s attention. Now you are all set to start the conversation. Demanding a job or pleading someone to hire you is never an option in cold emails. The very first thought that comes to the other person’s mind is why he is going to choose you over thousands of service providers but if you have already done your research work that what is the point of interest of the person that you are writing an email to, your email won’t be rejected anymore.

The next step is to keep the language informal and simple. Do not try to use language or words that are unknown to a layman. Keep it as simple that even a fifth-standard guy could easily grasp the essence of the email. You don’t need to grasp the attention by using heavy words or the power of language, rather just try to get to the point and use the power of your content. Keep your language simple but the content must be related. No one is interested to read irrelevant stories.

Establish the purpose of the email right after your subject line. Do not get into the stories and paragraphs because no one has such kind of time to get through your emails that are long and difficult to get to the point that what is the purpose of sending this email? While writing the body or deciding the content of the email body just keep in mind that you are writing this email to a person

Who is busy?
Who receives a lot of emails daily.
Who is not interested to read boring emails?
Who doesn’t usually reply to emails?
Who is not patient enough to go through paragraphs?

Do not try to please and don’t even try to plead too. Pleasing someone by praising them in the email body should never be a part of it. It is so boring to read the praises that are pen down. It sounds good to listen to the praise but it’s never attractive that you are writing a whole paragraph in the email to praise the other person.

The body is not considered to be only the services that you are providing it is the “ ask “ what you are asking for in the body could be anything it might be that you are just asking your query or letting someone know about you. The basic purpose of a cold email is never about just demanding something it could be just an initial email to let someone know about you or build a relationship with them. It can be the start of your conversation. Once your email gets a reply it opens your way to the bulk of conversations and projects.

When you keep all the above-mentioned factors in your mind, your emails will automatically be precise and you are most likely to receive replies and establish client relationships through emails by proving quality content in your emails that stand out and never gets ignored or rejected contact us for more details.

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