UI and UX Designer


UI and UX Designer

Job Description

Zenith Innovations, a leading software company based in Islamabad, Pakistan, is in search of a creative and talented UI/UX Designer to join our innovative design team. As a UI/UX Designer, you will play a crucial role in shaping the user experience and interface of our cutting-edge software applications. If you have a passion for creating visually appealing and intuitive designs, and you thrive in a collaborative and dynamic environment, this is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the next generation of digital solutions.


  1. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product managers and developers, to understand project requirements and user needs.
  2. Create wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs that effectively communicate design concepts and user flows.
  3. Design and optimize user interfaces for web and mobile applications, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.
  4. Conduct user research and usability testing to gather feedback and iterate on design solutions.
  5. Stay abreast of industry trends, design principles, and emerging technologies to ensure our products are at the forefront of innovation.
  6. Work closely with developers to implement and refine designs throughout the development process.
  7. Develop and maintain design systems, style guides, and other documentation to ensure consistency across products.
  8. Collaborate with marketing teams to create visually appealing assets for promotional materials.
  9. Advocate for user-centered design principles and contribute to a culture of design thinking within the organization.
  10. Keep abreast of feedback from end-users and leverage insights to continuously improve the user experience of our products.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, or a related field.
  2. Proven experience as a UI/UX Designer with a strong portfolio showcasing design projects.
  3. Proficiency in design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, or similar.
  4. Strong understanding of user-centered design principles and best practices.
  5. Knowledge of current design trends, color theory, and typography.
  6. Experience in conducting user research, usability testing, and incorporating feedback into designs.
  7. Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and communicate design decisions.
  8. Familiarity with front-end development technologies and their impact on design feasibility.
  9. Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think creatively.
  10. Strong attention to detail and a passion for creating visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces.

Experience Rrequired

1 – 2 Years


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